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The good, the bad and the ugly about Real Estate

Real Estate is what I do full time, not part time. I am on my 17th year and have seen a lot of market swings. Shifting gears as the market changes is very important. The pendulum always swings. Its a buyers market than a seller's market. Are you ready for the changes? Do you have an agent that knows what to do? With the last few years of bidding wars, were you a buyer? a seller? Did your agent know how to get you to the closing table? We have times when people were underwater on their mortgage so making an informed decision is so important. Here at Rowe Homes of Georgia experience is your key and taking care of our clients is our top priority. Call us or visit Kimberly Rowe direct: 678-988-2637.

I have seen bad things happen and there is no reason not to be guided through the entire process.

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